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At Craftscape, you can be 100% sure that every single detail of yours is being religiously guarded and protected. Craftscape employs “Secured Socket Layer” or SSL encryption that hides and encrypts every piece of information that you provide it’s such as your credit card number, your address, and other contact details.

The high quality servers at Craftscape use top-of-the-line antivirus and antimalware solutions that continuously scan the digital landscape to prevent malicious object from gaining access to any piece of its and its customer’s data.

Craftscape even prevents employees from accessing its customers’ data, and has developed a completely automatic payment processing system. After all, Craftscape values its customers over everything else!

So, go ahead and choose the finest art pieces to beautify your life without worrying a bit about your data falling into wrong hands! It’s safe, it’s secure, it’s Craftscape!