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International Free Shipping

It is Craftscape’s business philosophy to deliver the best value to its customers throughout the value chain. Therefore, Craftscape offers 100% free international shipping to its valued customers for all its handcrafted products. It does not matter if you live in the US, UK, Brazil, Hong Kong, Russia, Finland, South Africa or the Middle East, Craftscape promises swift and 100% free delivery of your chosen handcrafted products to any corner of the world!

To cater to the distinct tastes of its North American clientele, Craftscape offers its ‘machined’ products line to US and Canadian customers with 100% free shipping.

Unlike other ecommerce businesses, Craftscape believes that deliverance of complete customer satisfaction ‘after’ the purchase has been made holds the key to a lasting mutually beneficial relationship between itself and its customers. For this reason, Craftscape uses super-hard cardboard boxes for carrying its unique art pieces. These rock-solid cardboard boxes are filled with an eclectic mix of sponge, between which the product is safely stored.

In some instances countries impose import duties and/or handling charges imposed by shipping provider once products arrive in the country, these charges are impossible to calculate as they vary from country-to-country. Therefore, Craftscape requires its valued customers to handle such occasional charges on their own while it handles the complete shipping cost. After all, Craftscape values customer satisfaction above everything else!