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Craftscape is a sister concern of GZ Systems Limited. Craftscape and its experienced workforce have been in the business of producing majestic and exquisite art products for more than 30 years. That is why you can be sure that every product you buy from Craftscape is made from quality materials and designed to be expressions of art. Craftscape takes its design inspiration from various quarters of history, animal kingdom, world cultures, mythical creatures and more. Needless to say, every Craftscape product is an embodiment of fine materials, inspiring designs and tasteful utility.

 Craftscape offers a complete range of products like;

  • Hand-carved, vintage-inspired art pieces made from exotic materials like coral marble, teak wood, onyx, and more. Each hand-carved item is 100% handmade by experienced craftspeople using age old sculpting techniques.
  • Scented candles and candle stands designed to completely transform your dinner or bathing experience. Alternately, these products can also be used in the garden and along the poolside to add a classy touch to the environment.
  • Collectible items that highlight your exquisite taste of collectible art. These items look classy no matter where you decide to put them.
  • Bath & Body product line featuring shower gels, bathroom kits, spa sets, and bath décor items. This carefully selected product line incorporates nature’s best to deliver a truly beautifying bathing experience by taking care of your skin and creating an ambience that soothes and relaxes your mind.
  • Home Décor range offering artistically-designed items that liven up your home’s interior as well as exterior. This range includes products that compliment your garden like no other to interior decoration pieces that lend an artistic touch to every room they’re placed in.
  • Holidays line offers an exciting mix of products that deserve a place in your home this Christmas. Even Santa will not be able to take his eyes off these fine-looking items.

Craftscape art products are made to commemorate the beauty of the various aspects of the planet we live on like its animal kingdom, rich history, beautiful stones, amazing natural materials, and most importantly, human craftsmanship. Craftscape art products are perfect for use as home decoration, gifts, housewarming presents, and to highlight your inclination towards exquisite art pieces. So, explore our website and let us take you on a magical trip to our world of mesmerizing art products!

Craftscape products are designed with the sole purpose of letting you enjoy the finer things in life. From artistic sculptures and exotic wine cups to medieval candle stands and natural beauty care products, Craftscape focuses on delivering you the best products that beautifully, and almost magically, transform the entire aura and ambience around your house, making you feel happy and contended in the process. That is the power of art, that is the expertise of Craftscape!