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  • Craftscape's Bath & Body products provide you a relaxing and soothing experience every time you take a bath. Your bathing time will provide you serenity like you've never experienced before!
  • Enjoy free shipping and delivery, directly to your doorstap, on every product from Craftscape.
  • Spice up your home's interior and exterior with Craftscape's home decor products. Give an artistic and modern touch to your humble adobe that you always wanted, only with Craftscape's home decor line

New Products

  • Carved Royal Vase Carved Royal Vase

    Carved Royal Vase

    The magnificent vase that you see here is inspired from Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Persian art cul...

  • Marble Lion Marble Lion

    Marble Lion

    In world of today, not only wealthy people decorate their homes with the lion shaped art pieces and ...

  • Creole wine glasses Creole wine glasses

    Creole wine glasses

    Purest form of Creole marble is extracted from the mountains of Georgia. Vision of Craftscape is to ...